In 2020, Arché will take place exclusively online.

“Meet the Projects”

Collective session in which the participants present their projects in brief individual presentations up to 5 minutes.

• OCT 22 / 5 PM – 6.30 (UTC+1), Zoom Meetings
• Exclusive to Nebulae accreditation holders

One-to-one Metings

Film professionals with a Nebulae accreditation will have access to all the information regarding the projects and their state of development and will be able to schedule video conference meetings with the directors and their producers and film researchers.

• OCT 22 to NOV 1, BSquare Platform
• Exclusive to Nebulae accreditation holders

Arché Talks

Film Research Workshop participants (RAW programme) are invited by Nebulae to curate a series of activities linked to the project selected to Arché.

Alternating currents. (Heterodox) Ways of transmission
By Cristina Rubio
‘Art cannot be taught, but must be encountered, experienced, transmitted by other means than the discourse of mere knowledge, and even sometimes without any discourse at all.’ The sentence belongs to Alain Bergala, and it could synthesise the legacy of Joaquim Jordà, who combined his film-maker side to his teaching dedication, which he took on not in parallel to his creation, but as part of it. Producer Marta Andreu, professor and researcher Glòria Salvadó and director Lupe Perez will dwell on the legacy of Jordá and the transmission of artistic knowledge.

• OCT 27 / 7.00 PM – 8.00 PM (UTC+0), Zoom Meetings
• Free admission for accreditation holders
• The session will be held in Spanish, with no translation

Criticism and curatorship as approach exercises
By Pedro Tinen
When one compares, one creates dialogues and landscapes that cross times and borders. Comparing films as a criticism and programming procedure entails confronting discourses, styles and realities. One imagines regional or intercontinental cinemas, and outlines connections between filmographies such as Latin American or Ibero-American. How to address local differences, historical urgencies and cultural similarities from a cinematic point of view? With the participantions of: Invited speakers
Mariana Souto (scholar and curator, Brazil)
Joana Sousa(co-director of Doclisboa)

• OCT 29 / 5.00 PM – 6.00 PM (UTC+0), Zoom Meetings
• Free admission for accreditation holders
• The session will be held in Spanish, with no translation

Dialogue with Javier Bellido Valdivia
By Nicolás Carrasco
Nicolás Carrasco talks with Javier Bellido Valdivia, whose film Persona Perpetua will be screened at Doclisboa in December. Javier directed Sinmute (2008), Connatural (2018) and Apaisado (2019). His work as a film-maker is marked by pictorial strength (he is also a visual artist) and for his quest for beauty outside the fine arts canons. With careful framing and the use of black and white, his films seek to render tangible, almost ‘tactile’, emotional states linked to loneliness, silence, and to his personal experiences, memories and dreams.

• OCT 30 / 5.00 PM – 6.00 PM (UTC+0), Zoom Meetings
• Free admission for accreditation holders
• The session will be held in Spanish, with no translation

Project Development Workshops

Arché workshops aim at providing projects in the writing and development stages with the necessary tools to explore the subject and reflect upon the strategies to implement in the film. On the other hand, they include viewing footage and/or working versions in the case of projects in the editing stage or first cuts. Participants will work collectively in the workshops, with the different projects sharing experiences, in order to question and enhance each of them.

Tutors: João Salaviza, Mercedes Álvarez

Criticism and Research Workshop

Workshop intended to explore the specific issues and challenges that non-fiction Iberian-American cinema has raised when it comes to research standards and criticism, by putting forward a reading of film history and theory within that theoretical-practical framework. This workshop first takes place in the scope of Arché, followed by a 3-week online artistic residency and is then resumed at MRG//Work, the project development lab at the Madrilenian festival Márgenes.

Tutors: Elena Oroz, Manuel Asín

• OCT 26 – NOV 6