Tierra sin Patrones: Peruvian and Bolivian Cinema in the Era of the Revolution (1963-1977)

Nicolás Carrasco, Peru
Research Project

During the 1960s and 70s, film-makers from the wrongly called Third World recognised film as a decolonisation medium. In Peru and Bolivia, film-makers such as Jorge Sanjinés, Nora de Izcue and Federico García created a new revolutionary cinema.

Participant project in RAW programme.

Nicolás Carrasco
Director, producer, programmer and film critic from Peru. Has been selected to the Locarno Summer Academy (2015), Berlinale Talents Buenos Aires (2016) and Flaherty Seminar (2019). Has published articles in IndieWire, Desistfilm, La Vida Útil (Argentina) and Ventana Indiscreta (Peru). Between 2017 and 2018 he was a programmer at MUTA and has worked in films by Carlos Benvenuto, Ezequiel Acuña, Enrique Méndez, Pablo Polanco y Álvaro Luque among others.